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Wellness. Love. Adventure. Joy. Reconnect.
Appreciate. Embrace. Desire. Reflect. Relaxation

Chyna Whyne & Portia Haynes the founders of HEAL YOUR LIFE YOGA RETREAT in the Sunny Caribbean island of Jamaica, created the retreat out of desire to connect with healing, rejuvenation of the Inner Body, Mind, Soul, Spiritual Growth and Self Love. That brings Women and Men together from around the world to experience the discovery of inner self a transformation of life.

Heal and renovate your life using Kemetic Yoga with Chyna Whyne, Heal the body through food by Portia Haynes. The perfect intimate retreat for extra special attention that accommodates four persons at a time. The retreat is a quaint hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

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3rd November 10th November 2017
17th November 19th November 2017 (Weekend Break)
24th November 2017 -8th December 2017
1st January 2018 - 8th January 2018
24th January 2018 - 31st January 2018
21st February 2018 - 28th February 2018
21st March 2018 - 30th March 2018 (10 Days)
23rd April 2018 - 30th April 2018
22nd May 2018 - 31st May 2018 (10 days)
22nd June 2018 - 29th June 2018
24th July 2018 -31st July 2018
22nd August 2018 - 31st August 2018
23rd September 2018 - 30th September 2018
1st October 2018 - 8th October 2018
23rd November 2018 - 30th November 2018
1st December 2018 - 8th December 2018

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