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Learn the Alexander Technique for optimum balance, posture and co-ordination in everything you do. Organise yourself with maximum efficiency to optimise performance in your work and everyday life, and in coping with stress and physical problems.

Give yourself a powerful tool for personal development, self-awareness, mindfulness and learning new skills.

Change the habits that contribute towards functional problems such as back pain, muscle tension and stiffness, poor posture and breathing problems. Discover the freedom to change conditions that stop you reaching your potential and enjoying a happy, healthy life.

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Back Pain

For Women

Many women suffer with lower back pain from sitting at a computer for hours at a time. Also many women wear high heels in business and suffer with lower back pain as a result. A heavy pregnancy can also be a contributory factor to back pain for many women.

The Alexander Technique can support a woman during and after pregnancy as well as offering support when wearing high heels to improve the posture, co-ordination.  and balance.  Having Alexander Lessons will educate a woman’s body to sit at a computer with great posture and ease for longer which will result in the easing of neck back and shoulder pain.   

Back Pain
Back Pain

For Men

Most men sit at a computer laptop for hours at a time on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Over time neck back and shoulder pain can worsen. Joints muscle stiffness and stress can  persist, so it is imperative that  action is taken to prevent these conditions developing into degrative diseases.

  Finding the time in your busy  schedule to devote to having  an Alexander lesson on a weekly basis has become a necessary factor in  this 21st Centaury.  Longevity   and better use of one-self in being able to completely  transform   on a global level in great health,  and travel the distance is the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself.   

Back Pain


For Children and Teens

Often children develop bad posture and experience neck back and shoulder from  carrying heavy school books in rucksacks on their backs, sat at computers, a table, or slumped over their phone.

Often teenagers growth spurts makes them feel awkward, clumsy  and unable to raise above their low self-esteem.

The Alexander Technique helps teenagers to stand,  walk and sit with great posture, ease  and confidence. They develop more clarity and focus for those challenging times such as examinations.

One thirty five- fourty minute lesson per week with result in wonders